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Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be


The Year 2 team would like to welcome you to our Year 2 page.

Here you will find lots of information about all the fun things Class 4 and Class 5 are learning about as well as homework and some useful information to support our learning.

Meet the teaching team


Mrs Crew, Mrs Hays and Mr Goodall are delighted to be teaching in Year 2, this year supported by Mrs Priestley and Mrs Wilkes.


We are really looking forward to an exciting year working with the Year 2 children, parents and carers.

Important Information

We held a welcome meeting at the start of term, where we shared lots of useful information about the learning and end of year expectations for Year 2. You can see a copy of the information below.

Our Learning this term - Autumn 2019

The first half of the Autumn term will focus on science. We will explore what it takes to become a 'Champion for Life' including looking at the importance of exercise, food groups, eating a balanced diet and health and hygiene. We will be working scientifically to answer the question, which exercise makes my heart beat faster? 


Autumn Term 2 2019

Next half term we will be learning about alternative traditional tales and looking at how music can enhance a story. We will be exploring Jack and the Beanstalk through different media and looking at alternative versions of the story. We will also be creating musical compositions and linking them to characters from the story.



Our Autumn Term Learning Journey


We have had a fantastic start to the academic year and the children have settled well into the life of Year 2.

Please take a look at the photos in the files below to have a sneak peak at what we've been up to!

Autumn Term 1 Homework

Thank you to all the children who have competed their homework challenges for the first half term! Here's a photo of our Homework Challenge Corner!

Summer term 2019

In the first half of the Summer term we will be using the painting 'The Fighting Temeraire' by the artist Joseph Turner to explore different painting techniques and look at how light is used in his paintings. We will continue the theme of boats answering the question 'How do huge ships stay afloat?' We will also look at the history of 'The Titanic' and explore what life was like on board the ship.


The second half of this term will focus on oceans. We will be exploring amazing rock pools, looking at the animals within them. We will also look at the effects plastics have on the environment, including writing letters and reports and we will look at the effects it has on the world in which we live. 



Our Learning Journey

We have been very busy throughout the Summer Term. Take a look at some of the interesting things we've been doing.

Spring term learning


In the first half of the Spring term we will be exploring stories through different media and look at how the use of music enhances the re-telling of Peter and the Wolf and alternative versions of Jack and the Beanstalk. We will have opportunities to play tuned and untuned instruments, experimenting with different sounds.


The second half of this term will focus on woodland habitats. We will be explaining how an animal is suited to it's habitat and describe how different habitats provide for the basic needs of different kinds of plants and animals. We will be planting beans to carry out an investigation , observing and testing different conditions for growth.


Our Learning Journey

We have been really busy this term. Take a look at our learning so far.

Autumn term Learning

This term we are about a historical event and what life was like back in Edwardian times. We will become time travellers, going back in time to compare the past to the present day.


In the first half term we have enjoyed learning about healthy life styles and children around the world. We have explored different countries and compared the life of a child from another country to our own.


Our Learning Journey

Look at our amazing learning journey so far this term.

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