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Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be

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Hetts Lane Infant and Nursery School

Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be

Physical Development

Handwriting/ Mark-Making.

This week, we are going to think about zig-zag patterns.

Can you have a go at drawing some zig-zag patterns?

Remember to start at the left-hand side ...and make sure you have lots of sharp points on your zig-zag lines!

Remember, you can practise these on a piece of paper, on the ground outside with chalks or a paintbrush and bucket of water, with a stick in the mud, with your finger in a tray of salt or sugar...

When you have practised the zig-zags, you could have a go at writing these letter shapes.

k  v  w  x  z 

Watch the video clips below to remind you how to form these letters.smiley

Letter Formation Lowercase k

Letter Formation Lowercase v

Letter Formation Lowercase w

Letter Formation Lowercase x

Letter Formation Lowercase z

Fine-Motor Skills.

In our Maths learning this week, we are going to make some price labels for our pets.

Ask your grown-up to make a small hole in your label.

Can you practise threading a piece of string or wool through the hole?

Can you tie it onto one of your pretend pets? See if you can tie a knot to hold it on firmly.



Do you know the story and music of 'Peter and the Wolf'?

The composer of the music very cleverly uses different instruments to match the animals and characters in the story.

He uses a flute to be a bird.

He uses an oboe to be a duck.

A clarinet represents a cat.

And a french horn is used whenever the wolf is coming!!

Now listen to the story and see if you can hear all the different instruments.


David Bowie Narrates Disney's Peter And The Wolf (Full)

Now click on the links below to listen to the music that represents each different animal.

Can you remember which animal it is?

Can you pretend to be that animal and move to the music? 

Think carefully about how each animal might move- skipping, fluttering, waddling, prowling etc...

Peter & the Wolf - the Bird theme

Peter & the Wolf - the Bird theme

The Duck - Peter and the Wolf - Sergei Prokofiev

Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf Cat Themes

Peter & the Wolf: Wolf theme