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Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be

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Hetts Lane Infant and Nursery School

Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be

Physical Development

Challenge 1- Handwriting Practice.

Can you remember that we have practised forming top to bottom vertical lines, and making clockwise and anti-clockwise circle movements.

Think about the word


It starts with the letter 'b' and ends with 'd'.

You can practise writing these letter shapes by using vertical lines and circles.

Watch these video clips to remind you how we form these letters.

Letter Formation Lowercase b

Letter Formation Lowercase d don't just have to practise with a pen and paper...

you could try painting the letters with a brush, using chalk outside on the ground, try a stick in the mud, your finger in a tray of salt or sugar, a big paintbrush and a bucket of water on a wall...smiley 

Challenge 2-Fine Motor Skills.

We are sure many of you will have your paddling pools out in this lovely, sunny weather smiley

If not, you could fill a washing up bowl for this activity, or have fun whilst you are in the bath.

Can you find lots of different bottles, jugs, sieves, colanders, funnels etc. around your kitchen to practise pouring and filling?

Which cup, bottle, bucket etc. hold the most water?

Which holds the least?

Does the jug feel heavy or light? Why?

How many cups of water do you think it will take to fill the bottle?

How can you check?



Challenge 3-Movement!

All the usual reminders...Joe Wickes, Cosmic Yoga, Learning Station etc... scroll down to previous weeks physical activity icons if you have not already accessed these.smiley


Now we are allowed a little more outdoor activity time, why not go for a long walk somewhere?

Onto the Carrs, across the fields, into the woods...?

Look at all the different movements the children are making in the slide show below. Can you tell your grown-ups what they are doing?


Whilst you are out on your walk, can you practise all these different movements?

Perhaps your grown-up could make a little video to show us?

Can you move like a little bird- hopping on one leg, flapping your wings, nodding your head?

Don't try to fly though!!!smiley