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Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be

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Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be

Physical Development

Challenge 1- Mark-Making Practice.

In the story, the ladybird made a pattern as she flew from one animal to the next to tell them her plan.

Can you practise making some wavy or curly patterns like this?

You could use a pencil, crayon or felt-tip pen on some paper, some paint and a brush, some chalks on the ground outside, your finger in a tray of salt or sugar, a stick in the mud...

Here are some other patterns you could try too... remember to always work from left to right...



Challenge 2- Fine Motor Skills.

Can you find an ice cube tray in your kitchen?

Now find some small objects that will fit in the holes e.g.buttons, stones, pieces of pasta, pieces of cereal, small toys etc.. 

Can you place the objects into the holes in the ice cube tray?

Practise using your thumb and index finger (pincer grip) - you could try to pick up the objects with a teaspoon, or tongs, or a clothes peg, or tweezers or inventive!!



Challenge 3- Gross Motor Movements...Exercise!!

It is really important that you all get as much exercise as possible to help you to grow, and to help you to do your best thinking!!

We have already given you lots of ideas for fun physical activities, but here are a few reminders...!


Joe Wicks' daily workout, every morning at 9am to livestream on you tube.

Google-PE with Joe.

Here's a session from last week to get you started! 

PE With Joe | Tuesday 12th May

Did you have a go at Cosmic Yoga last week?

For more information about this scroll down to last week's learning and click on the Physical Development icon.

Here's another session for you to have a go at, based on the story of

'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.

(Could have done with finding this a couple of weeks ago!!)


Saturday Morning Yoga! | The Very Hungry Caterpillar

A few weeks ago, we also told you about another website which has lots of fun songs with actions for you to join in with.

Google : learning station songs

Here's a fun song with lots of jumping and bending, but you can find loads of other songs too.

Jump Up, Bend Down ♫ Exercise Song for Kids ♫ Action Dance Song ♫ Kids Songs by The Learning Station

And lastly...don't forget to have lots of fun outdoors too...

go for a walk with your grown-ups- what can you see along the way?

Practise riding your bikes and scooters...

Play a game of football in your back garden or at the park...

Practise running, jumping, hopping, skipping, crawling, spinning....