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Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be

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Hetts Lane Infant and Nursery School

Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be

Physical Development

Mark- Making Practice.

Did you know Chinese writing doesn't look at all like our writing!!

It is made up of lots of strange lines and symbols!

Could you have a go at making some Chinese symbols?

As usual, you could practise with a pencil and paper, or with paints or chalks, with yourfinger in a tray of salt or sugar, with a stick in the mud outside...

Have a look at these Chinese symbols below- they show you how to write number from 1 to 10 in Chinese. 


Fine Motor Activity.

Did you know the traditional way to eat Chinese food is with chopsticks!

They are quite tricky to use! Watch this video below to find out how to use them.


Teach your children to use chopsticks

Can you be like the little boy in the video and practise picking things up with chopsticks?

dried peas or beans, pasta, pompoms, small stones, pieces of chopped up fruit...

Maybe you could try to eat your dinner with chopsticks?smiley

If you don't have any chopsticks at your house you could practise with two pencils or two sticks!

You might like to listen to this story about a little boy who was very good at using chopsticks.

Movement and Exercise!

In our story about the Chinese New Year, the animals had a race.

Could you have a race with someone in your family? 

It could be a running, hopping, jumping or skipping race- whatever you can think of!!

Who is the winner? Who came second or third?




Ask your grown-up to set a 1 minute timer on their phone.

In that time, how many star jumps, hops, touching your toes, jumps on your trampoline, throwing and catching a large ball can you do?

Have another go- this time can you do a few more?!


Cosmic Yoga!

Can you join in with Jamie on this adventure all about a dragon?

But please don't breathe fire at any of your grown-ups!!


Saturday Morning Yoga | Cracker the Dragon 🐉