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Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be

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Welcome to

Hetts Lane Infant and Nursery School

Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be

Physical Activities

Handwriting/Mark-Making Practice.

This week we are going to practise making anti-clockwise circles, as in the letters


o   c   a    d

Remember, we don't expect you to just practise these with a pencil and paper- there are lots of other fun ways too- with chalks on a chalkboard or outside on the pavement, with a stick in the mud, or in the snow!!, with your finger in a tray of salt or sugar...

Watch the video below to remind you how to make this shape smiley

Letter Formation Lowercase o

Fine-Motor Activity

Handa put 7 delicious fruits in her basket.

What fruit do you have at home?

Can you practise peeling it? (this is quite tricky!)- and breaking it into small pieces ready to eat?

With your grown-up helping, have a go at cutting a piece of fruit into small pieces with a (safe!!) knife.

Maybe you could have a go at threading your fruit onto a skewer to make a healthy snack?


Or could you arrange your fruit on a plate to make a funny face?

Remember to take a photograph of your funny face and send it to us smiley



Can you remember how Handa balanced her basket of fruit on her head to carry it?

Can you pretend to be like Handa and practise balancing something on your head, then trying to walk?

You might have a beanbag at home...or you could use a food bag with some salt or flour inside it, or a small soft toy, or a sponge...?

Remember to stand up tall and look straight ahead.

How far can you walk before it falls off?!

Cosmic Yoga

Children, can you remember we have sometimes watched a lady called Jamie  telling us a story and showing us how to do yoga poses?

I have found one of Jamie's Cosmic Yoga adventures all about some jungle animals.

Click on the video link below to join in - can you watch Jamie and join in with all her moves?


Yoga Time! Jungle Safari: Kids Yoga and Nursery Rhymes | Cosmic Kids