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Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be

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Hetts Lane Infant and Nursery School

Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be

Literacy- Reading and Writing


Did you know that this Thursday, 4th March is

World Book Day.

We want you to enjoy as many stories as possible this week together with your grown-ups- at least one a day if not more!! smiley

I'm sure you will all have lots of lovely story books at home, but to help you out, I have put videos below of lots of stories about different farm animals.

When you have listened to the story, talk to your grown-ups about it.

What is happening in the pictures?

Can you join in with any repeated phrases or rhyming words?

Tell your grown-ups about the different characters in the story.

How are the characters feeling- why?

What happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story?

Above all, enjoy having a special time with your grown-ups this week snuggling up and enjoying lots of stories together xx

Bed time is a great time to ask your grown-ups to share a story with you. 

Remember to get lots of sleep this week, ready to come back to Nursery!

Mrs Rutland reads The Pig in the pond

The Wonky Donkey

What the Ladybird Heard | What the Labybug Heard | stories read aloud

Michael Rosen reads Farmer Duck

Thursday Story time with James: Lazy Ozzie - Michael Coleman and Gwyneth Williamson

The Three Billy Goats Gruff - Animated Fairy Tales for Children


Getting Ready to come back to Nursery challenge!!!

This week, you will have listened to lots of different stories.

Can you draw, paint or collage a picture of your favourite storybook character?

Then have a go at writing their name and telling us something about your character.

Please bring your completed picture to Nursery with you next week, we shall really look forward to seeing them!

All of the pictures will be displayed in Nursery, and everyone completing one will get a small prize and certificate smiley