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Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be


Welcome to FS1

Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be


The FS1 team would like to welcome you to our FS1 page.

Here you will find lots of information about all the fun things FS1 are learning about as well as homework and some useful information to support our learning.


Meet the teaching team.

Mrs. Baines, Mrs.Groves and Mrs.Edge are the members of staff working in Nursery this term. 


We are really looking forward to an exciting term working with the FS1 children and parents/carers.

Update, Week 12, Summer Term, 2020.

Week Beginning: 13.7.20

Hello again everybody!

Hoping you are all happy, healthy, safe and well!!

Welcome to our last week of Home Learning for this academic year!!

We are so, so looking forward to welcoming you back and seeing you all again in September, fingers crossed!!...whether it be in FS2(for our oldest children) or back in Nursery!

Meanwhile, we wish you all a Happy, Healthy, Safe and Fun Summer!! XXX


As you know, we have been basing our learning for the past couple of weeks on the story of

'The Great Pet Sale.'

Watch it again if you need to by clicking on the video link below.

The Great Pet Sale

A fun book by Mick Inkpen (author of the Kipper stories) with lots to talk about, you could try pausing the end page and see how many names can be remembered...

Now, as usual, click on the icons below to take you to some more learning activities based on our 'Pets' theme.

Update, Week 11, Summer Term, 2020.

Week Beginning 6.7.20.

Hello everybody!! We hope you are all continuing to stay safe, healthy and happy.smiley 

Welcome to another new week of Home Learning- the weeks seem to be passing by very quickly!

This week, we are going to continue learning about 'Pets', based around the story of

'The Great Pet Sale.'

Watch the video of the story again if you need to, to remind yourselves what happens.

The Great Pet Sale

Now, as usual, click on the icons below to take you to lots of different learning activities linked to the story.

Update, Week 10, Summer Term, 2020.

Week Beginning, 29.6.20.

Welcome everybody to a new week of learning.smiley

We hope you all had lots of outdoor fun last week, enjoying the beautiful sunshine!

Did you do any finding out about 'Pets'?

Do you have a pet at home?

What kind of creature would you like to have as a pet?

Did you watch the video to hear the story of

'The Great Pet Sale'?

Here it is again to remind you what this week's learning will be 

all about.

The Great Pet Sale

Now click on the icons below to take you to lots of learning activities based around the story.

Update, Week 9, Summer Term, 2020.

Week beginning 22.6.20.

Hello again everybody and Welcome to another week of Home Learning Activities!

We hope you are all remaining busy, happy, positive and active!

It was so lovely to talk to some of you last week, to find out what you have been getting up to, and to hear that you have been enjoying lots of activities from the website.smiley

If you missed my call, and do have anything at all we can help you with, please send us an email at

or ring the school office 01623842224.

So... this week, we are going to begin a new study area focussing on



We are sure many of you have a pet at home, or know someone who has a pet.

If not, you can have a think about what kind of animal you would like to have as a pet.

To begin with, watch this video to introduce us to the story of

'The Great Pet Sale'



The Great Pet Sale

Did you enjoy the story?

There were lots of different animals at the pet sale- can you remember the names of some of them?

Now click on the icons below to take you to lots more fun activities based around 'Pets.'

Update, Summer Term, Week 8.

Week Beginning, 15. 6.20.


Hello again everybody, and welcome to a new week of learning!!

We hope everyone is doing ok, and staying happy and active.smiley


Did you enjoy finding out a bit more about Birds last week?

In my garden last week, I spotted Mr. Blackbird with a little chick!!

He was busy feeding the chick who looked very hungry!!


I also spotted a songthrush one evening- I hope he is going to build a nest in my garden too!


This week, we will continue finding out about Birds, thinking particularly about


Did you know that eggs come in lots of different colours and sizes!!

Some eggs are  HUGE!!


Some eggs are  tiny!!


Some birds lay only one egg.

Some birds lay lots of eggs!


Eggs also come in lots of different colours!


But one thing is for sure !!

If the Mummy and Daddy birds look after the eggs and keep them warm, ( this is called incubating the eggs), all being well, the eggs will hatch, and out of the egg will come a tiny chick.

Watch below to see a robin's egg hatching!

Baby Bird Hatching

Wow!!! How amazing is that?1

Could you hear the little robin cheeping? He really wanted to get out of his egg, but I think it was very hard work.

Does he look like a robin at the moment?

He will need to do lots of growing and changing until he is all grown-up and ready to leave the nest.


Now click on the icons below to take you to lots more activities about Birds and their eggs.

Update, Summer Term, Week 7.

Week Beginning: 8.6.20.

Hello again, everybody!

We hope you are all well and happy smiley

Did you enjoy the story about 'Cheeky Sparrow' last week?

Did you manage to spot some different kinds of birds in your garden, or whilst you were out and about on a walk?

Please remember, we would love to hear all about what you have been up to at home.

You can contact us via our Nursery email

or by posting a message or photo on our Nursery blog.

(Click on Children, then Home Learning- this will take you to instructions on how to access the Blog)

Please also click on 'Parents', then 'Latest News' to read up-to-date information and messages from Mrs. Stancliffe .


This week we are going to continue our learning about


Do you know where baby birds come from?

Where do birds live?


Watch the video below to find out about the life-cycle of a Blackbird.


Blackbird nesting - from building the nest to leaving the nest

Talk to your grown-ups about what you can see happening in the video.

What is the Mummy Blackbird looking for? 

What does she build?

What do you see in the nest first?

What do the baby blackbirds look like when they first hatch?

How do they grow and change?

How long is it before they can leave the nest?


I have been busy in school looking after Key Worker children at the end of last week, and will be there again on Monday and no more activities yet!!

I do hope by Wednesday morning, at the latest, to add some more learning activities to keep you all busy this week!

Meanwhile, keep looking for different birds whilst you are out and about.

Can you spot any baby birds?

Check last week's ideas to make sure you have had a go at as many of the ideas as possible xxx

Update, Monday, 8th June.

Please click on the icons below to take you to activities that I am now beginning to add!smiley


Update, Wednesday, 10th June!

All this week's activities for Home Learning are now added! Apologies again for the delay xx

Reminder: Please don't feel you have to complete all the activities given! They are there to give you some focus to any learning you want to do at home, but there is no expectation that you have to complete all tasks. Just choose those which your child is most interested in, and above all, have lots of fun!! Lots of love to you all, The FS1 Team xxx

Update, Summer Term , Week 6.

Week Beginning: 1.6.20.

Hello Everybody!!

We hope you have all enjoyed a fantastic half-term break, making the most of the beautiful sunshine with your families...and that you all continue to be safe, well and happy.


Please remember, you can continue to let us know what you have been doing via our Nursery email

or, via our Nursery Blog-

on the school website, click on'children' then 'home learning'. then 'Class Blogs'- this will remind you how to access the Blog.


So... onto our new learning for the next couple of weeks!!

Have you noticed how many different birds are flying around at the moment!!

In my garden, I have Mr. and Mrs. Blackbird who are busy finding lots of different materials to build their nest, a little robin who follows me about whilst I am gardening, some greenfinches who are living in my hedge, and some very noisy wood pigeons who keep waking me up first thing in the morning!!

Mrs. Groves has some really exciting news- some little birds that she hasn't seen for a long. long time are building a nest underneath her guttering at the front of her house. She is enjoying watching them fly backwards and forwards! She is checking what kind of birds they might be- swifts, swallows, house martins???


We are sure you will be able to spot lots of different birds too- in your gardens or back yards, when you are out on a walk in the fields or woods, or when you are near a pond or stream.

We hope you might enjoy finding out about some of these different birds.

What do they look like?

What sounds do they make?

Where do they live?

What do they eat?

How do birds develop and grow?

You might think of some of your own questions too!


To begin with, ask your grown-up to read this story to you, all about some of the birds you might see near your house.

Click on the website link below to open the slideshow story.

What were the names of the different types of birds in the story?

What did they look like?

How are they different from each other?


Now click on the icons below to take you to lots more exciting activities to learn all about




Update, Summer Term 2020, Week 5.

Week Beginning, 18.5.20.

Hello again, everyone!

We hope you have all enjoyed another happy, healthy week.smileysmileysmiley

It has been a little bit colder for the past few days, but we hope you have still been able to enjoy getting outside for some important fresh air and exercise. 

We also hop you have had a chance to explore some of our 'ladybird' themed activities.


Please don't forget, if you are able, to share some photographs of what you have been up to, or write us a message - you can send these to our Nursery email address

or post them on our Nursery blog- accessible through the school website.

This week, we are going to continue our learning by basing all of our activities on the story

'What the Ladybird Heard' written by Julia Donaldson.


Click below to watch a video of the story.

What the Ladybird Heard

You might also enjoy watching this video of the author, Julia Donaldson, re-telling the story.

Julia Donaldson reads What The Ladybird Heard

As usual, you can now click on the icons below to take you to lots of 'ladybird' themed activities. Have fun!!

Update, Week 4, Summer Term, 2020.

Week Beginning, 11.5.20.

Another big 'Hello' to you all!

We hope you have had another fun week and kept busy with lots of different activities.

Thankyou to everyone who has contacted us by email or by posting on our Nursery blog.

It is so lovely to hear what you have been up to and to see photos of your happy, smiley faces smileysmileysmiley

Did any of you celebrate VE Day 75?

I heard there was a special super-hero flying around Warsop! Did any of you see him?

I had a lovely day in the sunshine- we had a street party where I live, with lots of singing and dancing and eating yummy food! We were all very good and remembered to not get too close to each other and to wash our hands lots of times!

I will put some photos on our Nursery blog for you all to see- I was very proud of my 

'Very Hungry Caterpillar' sandwiches and of the cakes I baked  XX

It was certainly a day to remember- I hope you all had lots of fun too.



This week, we are going to continue our learning by finding out lots about 



To begin with, watch this video which will tell you the story of

'What the Ladybird Heard' written by Julia Donaldson.

What the Ladybird Heard

Now click on the icons below to take you to lots of different activities all about 


Have fun!! Don't forget to email me some photographs if you can, or share them on our Nursery blog smiley

If you have not already done so, please scroll down further to find out about our learning over the past three weeks.

This has all been based around the story of

'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'

Update, Week 3, Summer Term, 2020.

Week Beginning,4.5.20

Hello again everybody!

Hope you are all keeping safe, well and happy.smiley

Big thankyous to everybody who has contacted us by e-mail this week.

If you need any help or support, or would like to share with us any photos or videos of what your child has been doing at home, or just to send us a brief message, you can now do this by using our very own Nursery email address!


You can now also share your learning on our class blog




So, onto this week's learning and activities....

Many of you will know that this coming Friday, 8th May is a national Bank Holiday.

This year, to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the announcement of

'Victory in Europe ' at the end of World War 2, there will be lots of celebrations and various events taking place around the country.


You can find out a bit more about all the different things that will be happening on the day by clicking on the link below.



It has been suggested that due to our present circumstances, we celebrate

 by having a family picnic on our front gardens or on the pavement outside our house. This way, we can celebrate and commemorate alongside our friends and neighbours, whilst also abiding by 'social distancing' rules!


So, this week's learning is all about preparing for a picnic!

...with a 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' theme.


If you and your child have not already watched the video below to familiarise yourselves with the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' please do so now.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film

You may also like to watch this video of the story, read by the author, Eric Carle.


Eric Carle reads The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Now you can click on the icons below to take you to lots of fun activities about 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' also find out more about VE Day and why we are celebrating, and to do lots of exciting things to get ready for a party on Friday!!

Have lots of fun...if you do have a picnic or join in any other activities, please remember to ask your grown-ups to take lots of photographs! smiley

And children...please, please remember to listen carefully to your grown-ups so everyone has a safe and happy time. You must, must stay on your garden or on the pavement just outside your house, unless your grown-ups tell you anything different. Thankyou smiley

We really hope you have fun this week completing some of these activities this week, and joining in a party on Friday...BUT only if you are able and willing to do so!!

The most important thing, as always, is that everyone is staying safe, keeping well, and enjoying happy family times together smileysmileysmiley

We send you all our very best wishes and lots of love,

Mrs.Baines, Mrs. Edge amd Mrs. Groves



If you have not already done so, please scroll down to read previous week's updates and explore lots of fun activities linked to our 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' theme xx

Update, Summer Term, Week 2.

Week Beginning 27.4.20.

Hello again, everybody!!

We hope everyone is well and happy, and that you all enjoyed lots of fun outside in the sunshine last week. 

This week, we will be continuing our learning based around the story of 

'The Very Hungry Caterpillar.'


If you have not already done so, please click on the video link below to watch an animated version of the story.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film

Now click on the icons below to take you to lots more learning activities.

We hope you have lots of fun!!


Please don't forget that you can now post pictures and send messages about what you have been doing at home via our Nursery e-mail address. Details have been texted out to all of you. smiley

We are all really looking forward to seeing your smiley faces and finding out what you have been up to!!


Important Parent/Carer Message!!

We do NOT expect your child to complete all the activities that have been suggested... they are just ideas!

Please choose the activities that you feel comfortable exploring with your child, those that you think he/she will enjoy most and learn something from.  To say again, the most important thing is that you are spending quality time engaging with your child- talking to them about what you are doing using lots of rich language, showing them the importance of sharing and turn-taking, and having lots of fun! Please continue to enjoy all the activities you would normally do at home- playing indoors and outdoors with your child's favourite toys, completing routine household tasks, watching favourite tv shows, colouring, baking, having indoor and outdoor picnics, playing board games, doing jigsaw puzzles, singing, sharing books etc. etc. etc....the list goes on and on!!


Last thing...I promise!!

Think I may have mentioned this previously, but just in case....

The educational website 'Twinkl' is currently offering free membership to parents and carers. It has loads and loads of fun activities and printable resources for you to access, including lots about our 'Very Hungry Caterpillar.'

To access this go to


Enter CVDTWINKLHELPS in the code box to join.

The EYFS section in the 'Parents Area' has lots of exciting activities.





Home Learning-Summer Term, 2020.

Hello Everyone!!

Lots of love from Mrs.Baines, Mrs.Edge and Mrs.Groves xxx

We hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed lots of fun activities in the sunshine, and that you are all happy, healthy and keeping safe xx


Update, 21.4.20.

The purpose of this update is to let you know what we will be learning about this half-term, and to provide you with lots of ideas and resources to support your child's learning at home. Please don't feel that you need to complete all of these activities- choose the ones that you think your child will particularly enjoy. If you can, take photos of what your child has been doing to stick in their Diary; we are also in the process of setting up class 'blog' pages to share what we have all been up to! Enjoy spending time together with your child, talk to them about what they are doing, involve them in household tasks, and spend time outdoors together.

Above all, have lots and lots of fun!! xx

Summer Term 1, 2020

All of our learning for the next few weeks will be based around the story of

'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', written by Eric Carle.

We are sure this story will be familiar to many of you, and that lots of you will have a copy of this at home already. 

You can watch an online version of the story below. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film

In the internationally acclaimed The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a tiny caterpillar eats and eats...and eats his way through the week. Taken from The Very Hungry ...

Now click on the pictures below to take you to lots of fun activities. 

Home Learning Activities


Please check here for regular updates and ideas for activities you can be completing at home with your child.

We hope everyone is keeping safe, well and happy, love, Mrs. Baines, Mrs. Groves, Mrs. Edge xxx


Keeping active!!   youtuber, Joe Wickes completes a child-friendly workout every morning at 9 am which you can livestream. It lasts for half an hour, and is a great way to get you and your child moving together! Google ' pe with joe live'


Stories and games.   Google

Scroll down, and click on 'Stories for kids online and fun games to play Book Trust'

There are some fantastic interactive stories available for young children, and lots of fun learning activities too.


'Number of the Week' is 5. Can your child collect 5 of lots of different objects  from around your house and garden? e.g. toy cars, bricks, pencils, stones, leaves etc. Practise one-to-one counting by placing each group of objects in a line, and touching each one as you count to check you do have 5.


'Sound of the Week' is s.  How many different objects can you find that start with the sound 's'?


If you are able, please take photos of your child enjoying these activities and stick them in your child's 'Diary'. Once we are back at Nursery, we will enjoy sharing together what your child has been learning at home.


Have fun!! xxx

Important Information

We held a welcome meeting at the beginning of the year, where we shared lots of useful information about the learning and end of year expectations for FS1. You can see a copy of the information below. Please ask in Nursery if you would like a paper copy.

Our learning this Term

Spring Term 1, 2020.

This half-term we are learning about 'Winter Weather' followed by 'Penguins.'


We will begin our study of Winter by talking about wintry weather. Why is it cold outside? What effect does the drop in temperature have on humans, birds and animals, plants and trees? We will talk about how we keep warm in winter by wearing warm clothing, look at animals that hibernate, and observe that the trees outside have lost all their leaves.


In Week Two we will be exploring 'Ice'. What is ice? How is ice formed? What does the temperature need to be for ice to form? How can we turn water into ice in Nursery? What happens if we leave the ice out in Nursery? 


In Week Three, a mysterious package will be delivered to Nursery from Antarctica. What might it contain? We will discover that it is a large egg and talk about what kind of creature might be inside it. Following from this, we will learn that the egg needs to be incubated in order to hatch...perhaps the 'Daddy' might arrive to take care of the egg...and hopefully a penguin chick might emerge from our egg!!


We will then learn much more about an Emperor Penguin's appearance, it's diet, the environment it lives in, and how it is adapted to survive in the cold.  


Throughout this topic we hope to promote lots of talking and discussion, and encourage the children to become investigators and explorers. We hope to give them an understanding of environments different to their own, and to explore how important it is to look after our world and the creatures that live in it.


Spring Term 2, 2020.

This half-term we are focusing our learning around the theme of 'Boxes', concentrating on lots of imaginative and creative skills.


In our cloakroom area, we have lots of large cardboard boxes; the children are being encouraged to think about what they could turn these into, and to ask for and design 'props' to further enhance their play experiences. Houses, beds, space rockets, cars, trucks, trains, planes, clocks...there is no limit to their imagination!!


We are also using smaller cardboard boxes and other recyclable materials to create junk box models. Again lots of creative thinking, testing out ideas and problem-solving. What could I turn this box into? What parts does it need? What can I use to make these parts? How am I going to join all these parts together? Does my completed model look like I wanted it to?


We are also promoting vocabulary extension by talking lots about different boxes. What is the box made from? What size is it? What shape is it? What might the box be used for? What materials is it made from? How is it joined together?


In Maths, we are using the boxes to support lots of learning about 'Shape, Space and Measure.'

Can the children place a set of boxes in the correct size order?

What shapes are the sides of the box? Do they know the name of the 3D box shape?

Which box is heaviest/lightest?


This half-term's 'Core Stories' have also been chosen to support learning and understanding of this study area- please see below for more details.

Our Learning Journey

Please take time to look at our amazing learning journey so far this term, on display in Nursery. We add to this week by week, to share what we have been finding out about, and to celebrate all our different achievements. 


Our Homework

This half-term, we are concentrating on self-help skills. Children will receive stickers for completing the following tasks.

'I can put on my coat.'  'I can fasten up my coat.' 'I can put on my shoes.'

Please help your child to practise these key skills at home, thankyou.


Reading Homework

As parent/carers you can support your child in developing a love of reading.


Learning to read is about listening and understanding as well as working out what’s printed on the page. Through hearing stories, children are exposed to a wide range of words. This helps them build their own vocabulary and improve their understanding when they listen, which is vital as they start to read. It’s important for them to understand how stories work too. Even if your child doesn’t understand every word, they’ll hear new sounds, words and phrases which they can then try out, copying what they have heard.

 You can play an important role in helping to keep them interested in books. Find out what interests them, help them to find books that will be engaging and fun, and spend time reading the books they bring home from school together.


  1. Please remember to write in your child's reading record when you have read or shared a book together. It doesn't have to be the book they bring home from Nursery; comics, magazines, signs, labels, shopping lists and books of their own choice are all examples of things you may also read together.


The library is free to join and gives your child access to 100's of books to borrow.


'Core Stories'

 Each half-term we choose five 'Core Stories' that are linked to our current learning; these are read every week so that the children become very familiar with them and can talk about the characters, different events and recall key phrases from the story.

'Core Stories'- Spring Term 1.

 Various stories about penguins and their adventures;

'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'- a traditional story;

'Be Brave Little Penguin'- a rhyming text written by Giles Andrea;

'Winter' - an information text

'How big is a million?'- a story that explores different numbers


'Core Stories'- Spring Term 2.

' Not a Box' written by Antoinette Partis - a story with very simple illustrations that explores what a cardboard box can be turned into with a little imagination!;

'Whatever Next!' written by Jill Murphy - Baby Bear finds a space rocket in the cupboard under the stairs and flies away on an adventure to the moon;

The 'Oi Frog' series written by Kes Gray and Jim Field- extremely humorous!! ; 

'The Three Little Pigs'- a traditional story with lots of repetitive phrases for the children to join in with- also encourages children to talk about the strength of different materials;

Various information/non-fiction books about different materials- wood, plastic, metal.




We do have a list of books/authors that we would recommend to you to share with your child available in Nursery-please ask for a copy if this would be helpful. 


   As they start Nursery each child is given a blue 'Diary' which is kept in their reading folder. We really like to hear about experiences and celebrations your children have enjoyed outside Nursery. Please use this diary to record these events- you can stick in photographs, leaflets, tickets, pictures your child has drawn etc. If your child can say anything about what they have enjoyed, please record this in their own words in the diary too! If your child does have any 'news' to share, please place their diary in the basket in Nursery so they can tell their friends all about what they have been doing! 

   'Physical Friday'

    Every Friday we complete lots of different activities that help to strengthen all the muscles in our bodies. We come across to the main school hall for a Movement session which the children always find lots of fun! To help your child move freely and fully enjoy this session, we ask please that they come to Nursery on Fridays in joggers/leggings and trainers/plimsolls - top half of uniform can stay the same, or they are welcome to wear a T-shirt or tracksuit top. Thankyou.